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Workshop on Handling of Glass wares at 31st January, 2018

The programme started with welcoming of the guest. Dr. GN Darwhekar, Principal AIPER delivered welcome note to all the faculty members, students and staff members and talked about significance of glassware handling.

Mr. Dhaval Mehta addressed the students regarding proper handling of glass ware. He emphasized on safety measures to be taken in laboratory during any analysis work.

The major highlights of the talk were types of glasses used in pharmaceuticals & their properties, graduation, calibration & certification of glass wares. He also highlighted about cleaning, drying and tips for selection of right glass wares during analysis along with their safe working. He also shared his knowledge regarding hazardous chemicals used in labs and proper measures to use them.

Mr. Dhaval inspired the students to develop the habit of good laboratory practices. In addition he stressed on the safety measures to be taken during lab work.

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