Symbiotech VisitFor the complete development of the students, their exposure to practical methodologies is very important, and for fulfilment of the same Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research conducts regular industrial visit for students. As an important section of this activity, Mr. Amit Rathore, Assistant Professor, AIPER,  has organized an industrial visit for the students on 18 Nov. 2013, for the M.Pharm 2nd year students to SYMBIOTEC pharmalabs Ltd. This company deals in the production of Steroids and hormones. Their quality policy determines that this company mainly focus on Quality, safety and efficacy of the products. The students gone through various important sections like they learned working of Lyophilizer, they visited various sections like QA, QC and where they observed various analytical techniques and documentation procedures. It was a great experience for the students which gave them a lot of learning and will help them in future to a great extent. AIPER will continue this kind of visits for the students for their complete development.

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