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Women’s Day Celebration– Lifestyle Disorder Management

Department                         –        Women Cell Acropolis & NSS Unit AIPER

Name of Event                    –         Women’s Day Celebration– Lifestyle Disorder


Date of Event                         –    08/03/2019

Objective of Event                –       To sensitize the students, staff and faculty about

Management of Lifestyle Disorders through Nukkad, RAP, storytelling etc

Convener                            –           Mrs. Geeta Santhosh

Coordinator (s)                    –        Ms. Supriya Shidhaye, Mr.Ravi Sharma

Details of Participants       –       Student, staff and faculty of AIPER, AITR, AIMSR and AFMR

No. of Participants               –    300

Dignitaries Present             –       Mrs Shradha Sojatia Honourable Management member,

Group Director Dr. J L Bhandari,

Principal AIPER Dr. G.N Darwhekar,

Director AITR Dr S C Sharma,

Principal AIMSR  Dr. Jhawar


Write up Giving Highlights

Women Cell Acropolis & NSS Unit AIPER celebrated Women’s Day on 8 March 2019. The theme of the day was based on Lifestyle Disorder Management. Nukkad natak was beautifully narrated by the students of Pharmacy based on the health and hygiene issues related to women which was followed by other activities including RAP songs and storytelling presenting the message on Women’s issues, Students of EC I year used hashtags and slogans to dispel the myth about women.  Drug addiction issues was presented by the girls of IT second Year.

Surprise party for women’s of AIPER (including faculty & staff) was organized by Principal

Dr. G.N. Darwhekar.

No. of participants from AIPER in Nukkad natak: 17

No. of participant in Rap: 02

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