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IMG_3482IMG_3500IMG_3508IMG_3536Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore organized a seminar on “OPPORTUNITIES FOR PHARMACIST IN CANADA” on 11th January, 2017. The key speakers for the session were Mr. Thomas Ommen and Ms. Deepali Thomas. They are running industry named PHARMACY COACH in Toronto, Canada which is a leading tutorial service in pharmacy licensing exam. They highlighted that pharma students in Canada have various job opportunities such as pharmacovigilance Pharmacist, Toxicology Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist and Hospital Pharmacist with lucrative salary. There is vast difference in practising pharmacy in Canada as compared to India so the major problem being faced is getting a pharmacist license. And for the same they acknowledge the student about the process for getting Pharmacist licence and mention the details regarding examinations. They had given brief description of documentation and examination procedure which the students need to undergo for clearing pharmacist licensing exam. In their future prospects they have even plan for starting tutorial services in getting Pharmacy licensing so that students can reach their goal faster and more efficiently. Session was informative and students explored new opportunity in Pharma field.

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