AIPER NSS Unit celebrated NSS & Pharmacist day on 25th Sep. 2018 at AIPER

The department of Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore celebrated NSS & Pharmacist day  on 25th September 2018. Under this event various activities were performed like

  • Wall painting.
  • Working Model Exhibition.
  • Pharma Rangoli.
  • Poster Making Competition.
  • Nukkad-Natak Competition.
  • Gust lecture.
  • Presentaion on Introduction to NSS.
  • Presentation on NSS activities Year 2016-17.
  • NSS Oath.

Dr. Govind Ajmera, Head- Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Services CHL Hospital and CHL CBCC Cancer Unit, Indore delivered a lecture on the Occasion of “World Pharmacist Day”. He focused on the topic “The Pharmacists-Your Medicines’ Experts”. All students of AIPER were highly motivated and benefited in near future.

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