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Industrial Visit in Vishal Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Sanwer Road, Indore on 21/07/2018


Highlights of the Visit:

Objective of Visit:   Exposure of the Industry and to see the operations

Coordinators:            Mr. Mahesh Mehta/Mr.Vikas Jain

Details of Participants: III Semester /2nd Year B.Pharm students, AIPER (No. of students 39)

Vishal Pharmaceuticals was established by Sri Vipin Shah in 1978. He started manufacturing with solid dosage forms of drugs. In these 40 years, the company has grown substantially. After the demise of Sri Vipin Shah, his son Sri Himanshu Shah looks after the entire business. The company has achieved prestigious awards like Bhartiya Udyog Ratna and Bharat Vikas Award for its outstanding contribution to healthcare industry. The company has products in regimens like antacid, antidiarrheal, antiallergic, antimalarial, cough remedies, nutritional etc.

They were showed various manufacturing departments like capsule, powder, tablet, liquid filling sections etc.various machines involved in the manufacturing. They were shown how the mixing takes places; how ORS and Vitamin and protein preparations are made. They were shown the tablet punching machines and were shown live demo. In quality control department, they were shown capsule titraters, HPLC, dissolution apparatus, spectrophotometers etc. The staff of the company was very cordial with our students.

The students thoroughly enjoyed and learned from this visit. The narrated their experience to Dr. Darwhekar in a classroom session.


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