Acropolis NSS student found the bridge in Spirituality & Success

DSC06684DSC06686(3)DSC06700Students were elated to have the opportunity to listen & talk to ferociously talented and insightful Swami Prabhudhananda Sarswati, Chinmaya mission, Indore Acharya on a very innovative topic – Spirituality & Success. He said spirituality is changing your vision towards life. He said nobody can achieve success in life without three moral sanskars Aashishtho, Drudistho, Balistho.  Aashishtho – blessing of elders, Drunistho – firm determination and Balistho – suitable personality are required for success apart from spirituality. He gave a golden key for success to students that never React to any situation but respond to it. He told that spirituality has no religious barrier, it is finding your own self to be satisfied and successful.  Dr. Mona Nagar, Chairperson NSS Acropolis, welcomed the guests and the vote of thanks was given by Mr Raj Sharma, NSS Programme officer to Acropolis.


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