Academy Vision & Mission



To envisage future challenges in the field of education at global level and imbibe in students leadership qualities and professional skills for meeting the future challenges with panache.

    • To create special avenues for students to pursue their academic aspirations and inculcate research culture to transform India from a developing to a developed country, through quality technical education.
    • The institute strives to produce youthful nation builders.
    • A generation with high skills, aptitude, proficiency, knowledge, expertise and wisdom for better productivity and economic upliftment of the nation


Acropolis Institute envisions emerging as a premier centre for achieving excellence in education, by leveraging leading-edge technologies and fostering an understanding of the intellectual and human values, to improve the health of all members of society through the promotion of safe, effective and rational, use of medicine, patient counseling, and monitoring, the disease management through proper pharmaceutical education and care for creating a world of happiness and contentment.