Nicholas PiramalIt was day of Saturday morning when we went for visiting Piramal Nicholas. It is USFDA approved plant. It is situated at plot no. 67-70, sector II pithampur dist. Dhar. It was a pharmaceutical company where tablets, capsules and ophthalmic preparations were manufacturing. The first section we have visited was the pilot plant block, where manufacturing were done in small scale to identify the property of drug.

Raw material was kept in dispensing area and the raw material was firstly dusted and then weighed, further shifted to storage area.

Dispensed material was kept in storage area with labeled Quarantine (material under process), the material was kept under required temperature condition and drug which are stable at below 20c were kept separately. The sampling was done under laminar air flow, after that the sample labeled approved. The storage area consists of raw material as well as packaging materials and leaflets.

The packaging material which is under process is labeled as quarantine after that it was passed through various tests like thickness of foil etc. the packaging material also required maintained temperature condition.


In the ophthalmic section the formulations for washing or cleaning eye lens were prepared. These formulations they were prepared were exported to Japan. The packing material was also prepared simultaneously. The enzyme n9081x oxycept and7458xultrazide was prepared there, which is imported from outside the India.


Ophthalmic solutions

In the ophthalmic section firstly the ampoule was prepared washed, cleaned and dried and sterilized and then packed under induction heat, labeled and packed in carton and dispensed.

Packaging of Ophthalmic

The containers are manufactured from low density polythene specially exported from Belgium.

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